Why you must buy antivirus online directly from the dealer?

Why you must buy antivirus online directly from the dealer?

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It is common to try to save your money while buying items, but often this may impose a threat on you. While our ancestors have sought to drive this sinful mentality out, even making up hundreds of proverbial sayings such as “a cheapskate pays twice,” we also want to accept that distributors can be selfless and eager to give away products out of the kindness of their hearts for free. Of course, there are times where it is easy to save a lot without any repercussions, but we look for sales most of the time, resulting in loses and concerns. This is not only applicable to iPhones and other luxury products, but also to antivirus online purchase.

As a good example, Kaspersky provides various online offers, including auction sites, e-commerce and advertisements. For costs up to 1.5 to 10 times cheaper than our usual price, hundreds of vendors deliver packaged Kaspersky Internet Security and other security solutions. In such instances, for the price of one, one cannot help but purchase many licences. Too low a price, though, is always the first indication that the vendor is a scam.

Anyone may make a mixture of letters and numbers that look like software and post a blocked, expired or obsolete code offer. In essence, the customer cannot verify if the code is correct until the order. This was constantly used by fraudsters as they exchanged invalid codes in ‘3-for-1.’ After you have bought such a ticket, you will possibly see a “not valid code” error.

Multi-user license

There is a particular scenario: a culprit sends a licence code bid for, say, three customers, but at the same time sends the code to multiple consumers. Then it’s the same thing as Russian roulette: somebody’s quicker than anyone and flips the code on and losers will have to see this code was already turned on. You must be very vigilant when it comes to online antivirus purchase for laptop.

Pirated license

A broken code is a time bomb: the programme can accept a pirated version, but it will then surely be banished from an anti-paired device that deactivates routine antivirus database updates and finally exposes new samples of malware on your computer.

A license with false features

It is well known that, depending on the type, one licence can be allowed on multiple devices. The dishonest dealers deliberately use this strategy, by marketing a 2 machines licence as a product, which is unsurprisingly costlier with five machines. The sellers are not found somewhere until the buyer has triggered the code on all devices and learns the ugly facts.

There is something in common with both of these scenarios: consumers with disabled, malicious or grey codes are not entitled to any assistance from technical support from Kaspersky Lab. Moreover, the money they expended is unlikely to be recovered. Cases have arisen in which the claimant has proven the scam and has been reimbursed for its money, but the procedure requires a lot of time and effort. Purchase activation code at www.kaspersky.com trusted stores and certified internet vendors only to save yourself and your money from needless risks. Only accept the plain truth; it certainly isn’t true if anything is too amazing for it to be true.

Incomplete packaging

You will finally spend a little extra for a little less if you opt to buy a security solution from a third-party vendor – for example on eBay. What is shown on the website is still a typical software package, but years have passed after everyone ordered software digitally and waited for a box to be shipped. You get an activation code and uninstall the app even though you order directly from the website of Kaspersky Lab or official partners.

Even if the retailer is genuine or a scammer, he would display pictures of the goods package of a third party. You will get a nice activation code and installation connection in the best-case scenario. Or maybe you have a blank package.

If the AV approach appears to work why would you think about unfinished packaging? Ok, the box doesn’t matter, it’s real. Yet you will have the right to offer customer service anytime you purchase a security solution. The first thing Kaspersky Lab Technical support can request when you update the programme you purchased, whether you encounter difficulties with activation or licencing, is packaging details – this is your (legitimate) purchasing documentation. The support engineer can’t help you without this knowledge. Indeed, a legal product code is needed for any tech help.

Naturally, if you ordered legal software, you don’t have to provide a case to show it: from your e-mail receipt, you will provide the order number with the sales invoice and e-mail address that you used to purchase the device. If you still feel that buying the product from an external vendor is worth the chance, in view of our advice, request all the details you need, including their e-mail address and their original invoices.

It is all right to try to save shopping money, but it can be a challenge to you sometimes. Certainly, you can save a great deal without any repercussions, but most of the time we look for agreements which trigger problems and lose.

A licence limited to a single location is one of the most uncomfortable choices. The licence rates for various regions vary, but only for the corresponding area will the code be triggered. A code cannot be enabled in any other country without a particular South African licence.

Both these examples share one thing in common: Kaspersky Lab’s technological assistance is not open to users of null, malicious or grey codes. They’re also unlikely to recover their money. Sometimes a victim will show theft and redeem his money. But that will require a lot of time and resources.


So, do all the online shops have no confidence? If so, where do I buy Internet security from Kaspersky? Currently, many shopping online retailers, like bzfuture.com, are trustworthy. The official approval of Kaspersky has been issued by BZFuture and authentic software is available for sale. Without fears, consumers will order Kaspersky. However, when you are still uncertain, buy trustworthy retailers and approved online retailers’ activation codes. Only accept the plain truth: it certainly isn’t if anything is too amazing to be real.

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