Encryption: Where Does Video Conferencing Fall?

Encryption: Where Does Video Conferencing Fall?

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It is the year 2021 and we are technologically intellect and thriving! No matter if you are sitting in your home being home schooled or out and about in an office doing your job, video conferencing went on to be the basic need of every person.

In this 21st century, video conferencing has become the phone call of the new era. It does not matter if the person is continents apart or got multiple businesses and offices, traveling or anything it may be, we all are connected through technology and video conferencing holds the key to it.

According to certain researchers, the tool of video conferencing is expected to face a growth up to 20% in the coming year of 2022. That means, if you have not been into the video conferencing world then you might be living under a rock. There are various benefits for using video conferencing which are explained below:-

  • Improved communication: As the report on Forbes magazine stated, human beings have an ability to adapt more information through visual processes faster than the text and audio types of communication. And video conferencing tends to improve the level of understanding among the human beings.
  • Builds relationships: When we talk and converse face to face, we tend to bond with the person in front of us creating a good report among the people. We tend to see their body language, tone and be the judge of their behaviour regarding the reaction to certain things.
  • Saves money and time: Video conferencing is a powerful tool that not only helps in joining people and businesses but also helps you to save your money and time. It helps in saving you the travel time and can be done anywhere anytime.
  • Improve in efficiency: It makes use of your time through the tools and features it got. A clearer communication gets made through the verbal or non-verbal, screen sharing and more virtually which acts as an efficient thing.
  • Scheduling of the meeting gets easier: Unlike the physical meetings, in video conferencing planning a meeting is quite easier. The rush and panic that gets created in an in-person meet is discarded in the video conferencing where you can be at multiple places and still be connected virtually together.
  • Increase in productivity: In an in-person meet we need to get all the files sorted and get the pads and documents to the meeting room, find the files, present it and all the rush that goes in makes the process tangled up. But in a video meeting these things are simplified as all the documents are made easy.

Video conferencing is one of the highest used means of communication systems that is highly needed. Secure video conferencing is the key to a successful meeting and discussions.

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