Ayushmann Khurana: Top Movies of his career

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Ayushmann Khurana is one of the rare gems in Bollywood who has made his career by dint of his hard work and sheer determination. Because of these qualities his movies are liked by audiences and critics alike and thus, he has been able to create a niche of his own. Vidmate app has a huge collection of movies by Ayushmann Khurana and one can easily download the same. Even as an outsider he has created a name of his own in the industry. Apart from acting, he is well versed with singing and writing. Based on ratings top movies of Ayushmann are listed below:

  1. Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a movie on arranged marriages in India.  Ayushmann Khurana has played the role of Prakash Tiwari. In the movie, he is unwillingly married to an overweight girl named Sadhya. The movies touch the awkwardness of arranged marriages.
  2. Andhadhun: It is a movie on a blind pianist who needs to report a crime. It is a crime thriller and he has played his part well.
  3. Vicky Donor: It is the debut film of Ayushman Khurana where he acts as a sperm donor. In the movie, he plays the role of Vicky Arora whose source of income is donating sperm.
  4. Subh mangal savadhan: In this movie, Ayushmann plays the role of Mudit Sharma who suffers from erectile dysfunction. He comes to know about this a few days before marriage. The story is about how he and his girlfriend cope with it.
  5. Bareilly ki Barfi: In this story, Ayushmann plays the role of a printing press owner. The story is about a girl who wants to find her perfect match.
  6. Bala: It is a movie on a person who suffers from a balding problem. It tells how the person copes with the same.
  7. Hawaizadda: It is a story of an Indian scientist and the story is set in British India in Bombay during 1895. It tells the story how with soldiers all around things were not good for the scientist. Here he plays the scientist assistant Shivi.
  8. Article 15: It is one of the best movies of Ayushmann where he plays the role of an IPS officer. The movie is set in the rural area where there is discrimination in regards to caste. The movie shows how a policeman single-handedly fights this system and makes sure that Article 15 is implemented.

Ayushman Khurana’s movies on small issues are a unique way of putting the problems faced in society. The awkward problems that many of the persons face alone but are hesitant to discuss are uniquely portrayed in his movies. Thus, he can create a space among the public and people love to see him on-screen. Each of the roles is played with great enthusiasm and the same is reflected on-screen. If you want to have entertainment and also want a take-home message you can surely opt for a Khurana movie. It is packed with entertainment and also has a unique message and perspective to share.

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