The importance of Nord Keyboard

The importance of Nord Keyboard

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Before Nord Company begins, Hans Nordelius grew up with two main interests, music and electronics. Whilst in the 1960s he performed in pop bands and all in the meantime was building electric organs and many other keyboards as a hobby. Which later on, everything to do with electronics became a job yet music had remained as a hobby, which through time in the 1980s he eventually combined his job and hobby together.

The company behind Nord instruments, the founder named Hans Nordellius together with Mikael Carlsson. It starts way back in 1983, where they constructed and built digital drums that allows dynamic playing using sampled sounds. The DPP1 was an instant success and soon the brand name ddrum was introduced.

Nord Lead

Clavidia released the first virtual analog synthesizer ever. It is called “a magic piece of electronics”. A classical analog sounds in a lightweight and intuitive format.

Nord Modular


A virtual analog modular synthesizer and portable keyboard combined into the synthesizer of your dreams. Known as “landmark in synthesis” allowing you to essentially build your own virtual analog synthesizer.

Nord Electro 2

It is the best emulations of traditional electromechanical keyboards in a compact and lightweight instrument. It is an award-winning best friend of musicians.

Nord Wave

Clavia released the Nord Wave that gives you traditional analog sounds adds sample-player functionality to the virtual analog engine of the Nord Lead series that relate and live with pretty much anything you want, it is great to sample player and analog synthesizer.

Nord Drum 

It has capability to create a four different drum sound at once. It is considered with the performance of the musician in mind with its extreme dynamic range and super-fast activating to add the feeling of playing a real instrument.

All the instruments are handmade which located in central Stockholm, Sweden and in a careful attention to detail with a quality control every year. What makes Nord unique comparing to the rest of the market? It is simply because, they made it more simplified and playable to its interface with one layer, and doesn’t have thousands of features. It is known for digital emulation with classic analog sounds. Nord continues to add innovatively and improving more features in every generation. It always preserves with a combination of thrill, purpose, and fun that has a heart of composing, performing and recording. Below are the brand items that are available in Melody House Musical Instruments which located in Dubai, UAE. If you want to know more and request an assistance, don’t hesitate to call to ask any needed questions that you may have.

Nord – Piano 2 HA88 UK Plug

Nord’s Piano 2 HA 88 is extremely easy to operate and puts the musicians focus on performing, it brings stunning practicality in both touch and sound to the world of digital pianos and stage keyboards. That makes the Piano 2 a great choice if you need the sound of the genuine article to go with you from gig to gig.

Nord – Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

The Lead A1’s advanced architecture lets you quickly assemble a huge arsenal of spectacular sounds that work flawlessly across musical genres. The brand has become famous for the sound quality, the additional free sound banks, the toughness, the lightness and the transportability of its products. So much so that it has become commonplace to see red when you walk on the musical scenes here and elsewhere.

Nord – Electro 5 HP 73 Key Stage Piano EU Plug

The Electro 5 HP 73 is known to be for piano players, being a 73-note hammer action packed piano. Having 1GB of memory that allows you to bring even more or Nord’s sampled acoustic and electric pianos to the stage. It also has two sound slots that can be either combined in a layer or split over the keyboard. With specific effects and sustain/control pedals that are assigned to each effect, this way it makes it more customisable and playable.

Nord – Stage 3 HP 76 Key Stage Piano UK Plug

 Amazingly has been created using the award winning Nord Piano library as a starting point. It is lightweight design and all the sounds you’ll need, the Nord Stage 3 HP76 is an outstanding performance instrument.

Nord – Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer

It has the capability to create a four different drum sound at once. It is considered with the performance of the musician in mind with its extreme dynamic series and super-fast activating to add the feeling of playing a real instrument and feels like you’re playing a real instrument effortless mixing into your existing drum setup or as the heart of something entirely new.

Nord – Keyboard Stand ALU C2 C2D

It is definitely designed to be spacious to make a room for a large set of pedals, it is extremely light-weight, adjustable and designed to give you maximum stability and comfort while playing.

Compatible products:

  • Nord Electro 3 HP
  • Nord Electro 4 HP
  • Nord Electro 5 HP
  • Nord Stage Classic 88 & 76
  • Nord Stage EX 76 & 88
  • Nord Stage 2 HA76 & HA88
  • Nord Stage 2 EX HP76 & 88
  • Nord Piano 88
  • Nord Piano 2 HA88
  • Nord Piano 2 HP
  • Nord C1 Combo Organ

Nord – Triple Pedal


  • 3-Way pedal for Clavia Nord Stage 2
  • Nord Piano 88 and Nord Piano2 HA88


  • Left pedal – una corda (soft pedal)
  • Middle pedal – sostenuto (Slightly lower volume)
  • Right pedal – sustain (sustain selected notes)

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