5 Popular Couple Ring Design for Engagement in London

5 Popular Couple Ring Design for Engagement in London

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Choosing an engagement ring is the first and foremost thing to do before even planning the engagement ceremony. You need to decide your budget and accordingly select the metal, the diamond, and most importantly the style, design, and settings of the ring that you are going to buy for your fiancé. Since there are so many options available in the market, the selection of the ring can be confusing, so here are the 5 most popular designs you need to check if you are planning to buy an engagement ring –

  1. Prong setting – This is the most common and classic ring setting. A prong is a little metal claw that holds the diamond firmly in its place. Prong settings can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped. Most of the rings with prong settings have 4-6 prongs. Higher the number of prong; more secure the diamond is. The advantage of buying a prong setting is that it gives brilliance to the ring as there is a minimum presence of metal and therefore there is more diamond to see.
  2. Bezel setting – Bezel setting is the second most common type of engagement ring london because of its modern look and suitability for an active lifestyle. The bezel setting encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim to hold the stone tightly in its place. The bezel setting is one of the most durable settings in engagement rings because it holds the centre stone securely.
  3. Tension setting – The tension setting is named due to the tension of the metal band that secures the diamond in place because of which, the diamond appears suspended between the two sides of the shank. Lasers are used to calibrate the exact dimensions of the diamond and the jewellery cuts tiny grooves into the sides of the band. Hence, the precious stone is literally held by the pressure of the custom made metal band pushing into the sides of the stone.
  4. Channel setting – If you want smaller diamonds in your ring, the channel setting is the most suitable option for you. The channel setting sets smaller diamonds in a row into the band of the ring, making a metal channel of stones flush with shank. The gemstones are set closely together into the grooves of the channel and decorate the sides of the band or the entire band itself. Since there are no prongs, the channel setting is also a good option for a snag-free and secure design for your engagement ring.
  5. Halo setting – Halo setting features several diamonds or gemstones in a concentric circle or square around the center stone. Because of the halo setting, the center stone appears larger. Adding a halo of varied colored gemstones with different colored metals can be very creative and will give an alluring contrast look to the ring. Hatton garden jewellers london offers you all kinds of engagement ring options including varied colored metals and gemstones.

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