What Are The Purposes Of The Fat Transfer To The Hands In Punjab?

What Are The Purposes Of The Fat Transfer To The Hands In Punjab?

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What is meant by fat transfer?

The fat transfer is also known as fat grafting or fat injections. It is the surgical process of transferring the fat from one area to another area of the body. This process will involve the extracting adipose fat by the processing the fat, injecting the purified fat, and liposuction into the area that needs the improvement in the body. It is known as fat transfer.

In this article, you will know about the procedure for the Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab.

What are the treatment procedures for the Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab?

The before, during, and after procedures for the Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab are given by,

Before treatment:

  • You will stop taking the blood-thinning medications which help to prevent the unnecessary bruising during the operation.
  • You must stop smoking and in taking of other drugs before and after four weeks of treatment.
  • You will not take the alcohol for one week before.
  • You will avoid the excessive sun exposure to your skin

During the treatment of fat collection:

  • The donor area in your body will be cleaned and anesthetized. A small incision will be made in that area.
  • A cannula will be inserted into the incisions and collect the fatty deposits from your donor area.
  • After you will be bandaged with the compression garments.
  • The collected fat from your body will be purified for the injection.

During the treatment of fat grafting:

  • Your hand will be cleaned well and then a needle will be inserted to make the holes for the cannula.
  • Then cannula will be inserted in your wrist at the top of your hand.
  • It will distribute the fats in your body and then it will be removed from the holes in the hand.
  • Finally, your hand will be massaged evenly for the even distribution of the fat in your hand.

What happens immediately after the treatment of hands?

The four things will happen immediately for Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab. They are given by,

  • The hand will be swollen
  • Minor redness
  • Discomfort
  • Bruising

What is the precaution after the treatment of fat transfer to hands?

  • You will be returned to the work and you will do the normal activity after one week.
  • The swelling may persist in your hands for two to three weeks
  • You must avoid the firm pressure to the treatment area.

These are the precautions for the fat transfer treatment.

What about the results notes of the fat transfer to the hands?

The results notes for the fat transfer treatment to the hands are given by,

The final result will be determined after the six months of the surgery. The results are affected by the significant weight changes and also the natural aging.

Advantages of the fat transfer to hands:

  • It will give you an immediate result
  • It has the minimal downtime

Disadvantages of the fat transfer to hands:

  • It is one of the temporary surgery for your hands
  • It will possible to the asymmetry of the hands.

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