Iyurved: Providing the best functional food for children

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The lifestyle change has resulted in many changes in the food habits of the children, especially toddlers. Food habits are the only source that will provide the nutrients which help in building immunity in their body. No doubt there are many immunity booster food for toddlers available in the market. But the mothers need to search for the best functional food for the best interest of their child’s health.

There are many techniques that parents can do to boost their toddler’s immunity system. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Breastfeed your baby: The mother needs to give their baby feed because it plays a very important role in building immunity. The feed has many essential nutrients that the baby might not get from other food.
  • Stick to vaccination schedule: This is very important to stick to the vaccination schedule of the children. The timely medical shots will help the children to build immunity for the problems like asthma, polio, etc.
  • Serve healthy platter: It is better to encourage your child to eat colourful fruits and vegetables that will act as child immunity food. All the bright-coloured fruits like berries, broccoli, etc contain antioxidants that help to build strong immunity. Include various nuts, seeds, cereals, etc to get all the necessary nutrients in the body of the child.
  • Get enough sleep: Proper sleep is very important in maintaining the good health of the children. The toddler needs to have at least 10 to 13 hours of sound sleep every day. The well-rested child will be less prone to infections and will build a strong internal system of fighting against the problem causing infection
  • Stay active: Exercise plays a very important in the overall fitness of the child. Get your child for activity in parks or playground. This will improve the immunity of the system of child.
  • Make hygiene a habit: The parents need to maintain the proper hygiene of their child. This will help in keeping the child away from germs. It is for sure that the child will play on the ground and will touch different things. So it is better to get his hands washed before and after every meal and even whenever the child comes back home after playing.

All these are some ways to boost the immunity of toddlers. Along with these simple ways, you can get your child the functional food that is also rich in nutrients required by their body to boost the immunity system. Iyurved is providing kids-approved powders that have all the necessary ingredients that tackle all the health issues of the childlike low immunity, weaker eyes, sleep issues, digestion problem, weight issues, or any sort of allergies, etc. These powders are available in flavours, you can go with the one that is liked by your child. This is a solution that is providing good results for the health of the child. In case your child is facing any problem buy the kids-approved powder and follow some simple steps of boosting immunity.

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