Who can perform the role of tax auditor?

Who can perform the role of tax auditor?

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Tax auditors are the people who are expert in the field of taxation. Taxation is a field in itself that involves a large number of complexities and people only with a great experience in the field of finance can understand the depth and complexities of tax. There are large numbers of venues in this field and it cannot be just explored at the face of it. There are various other fields in the field of tax as it is a very wide term. This involves goods and service tax, wealth tax, custom duty, direct taxes, indirect taxes etc. So a single person cannot be a master of all the fields so it is best that one is in possession of an expertise in one field only. This will help the person in gaining mastery in a particular field and he can provide services in relation to that only. Single field can help a person earn a great sum of money as there are many cases that are in relation to litigation that are required to be fought by the companies.

Tax auditor can be a person who has knowledge in the field of taxation. There are many tax auditors in Pune that provide services in regard to the subject of taxation. Any company or a firm can ring in the same in order to avail the services. There are a large number of compliances that are required to be done by a company and they cannot independently handle all the finance operations of the company, so they can hire a tax auditor for the same who will give all his time to the company and work in a full time employment of the organization. This will lead to a particular department paying all their heed and attention to the finance sector of the company. Since they are experts this will not lead to any non-compliance in the company. They would be fully informed about all the financial aspects and facts of the company and will do all the compliances of the company in time.

It is like more of an investment for the company because taxation is a field that is based on expert knowledge and aspect of the same is known only by doing deep analysis of the financial portion of the company. One can also engage a tax auditor on part time basis that is totally dependent upon the amount of work that is there in the organization. If the company is a small company then there is not any need to hire a tax auditor on full time basis. They can perform the work occasionally when the calendar of the company strikes the same. There are many persons who can become tax auditors that can be enlisted as follows: –

  • Charted accountant is a person who can become a tax auditor
  • Any accountant with great knowledge
  • Any person who has technical expertise in the same

So one can avail services from tax audit firms in Pune accordingly.

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