Improve The Immunity Of Your Crops

Improve The Immunity Of Your Crops

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India is also known as an agricultural country. Two-thirds of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture which means seventy percent of the Indian population is dependent on this sector. So, agriculture is also regarded as the economic sector. This sector provides food to the people of the nation. It is residing in India for thousands of years. Now agriculture is not merely practiced for earning a livelihood but it has now become a way of living for many people.

Agricultural practices are very beneficial because of the following reasons:

  • It provides the food which we eat and gain energy. We use this energy to work and earn money for the nation.
  • The agriculture sector creates a lot of job opportunities for the people.
  • This sector is one of the major contributing factors to increase the GDP and the national income of the country.
  • It helps to create good relations between the countries by exporting the agriculture produce to other countries.
  • The food created by this sector creates additional industries like cotton creates the fabric industries; potato creates snack industries, etc.

In earlier times, traditional farming techniques were used which did not give a good yield of the crops. Now with technological advancement, agricultural techniques have also developed. The use of fertilizers has also begun in modern times. Like humans, plants can also get sick. If any pathogen enters the human body, the human immune system comes into play. It kills or inhibits the growth of the pathogen and also remembers the key features of the pathogen so that if that particular pathogen again enters the human body, the body can act rapidly. But in the case of plants, they have a less sophisticated immune system. They do not remember the features of the pathogen and they do not contain specialized cells for the killing of the pathogens, unlike humans.

Capsules for plant immunity are available in the market that will help the plant to fight against the diseases. KRISHNA AGRO BIO PRODUCTS provide these capsules to the farmers as 10-20% of the crops are destroyed because of the poor immunity of the plants. They have certified products. The capsule is 100% organic which means that it will not harm the fertility of the soil and will help to increase the yield of the plants.

Advantages of capsules for immunity of the plants are as follows:

  • They contain bacteria that reproduce and grow in the roots of the plants which increase the intake of carbon dioxide from the roots.
  • It also helps to absorb the potash which is generally unavailable to the plants.
  • It also increases the fertility of the soil and improves the soil quality by improving the nutritional value of the soil.
  • It is easy to use as one just has to dissolve the capsules in water for 10-15 minutes and add the mixture to the roots of the plant by spraying, drenching, broadcasting, etc.

So, in order to increase the immunity and growth of the plants, one can buy capsule plant growth from KRISHNA AGRO BIO PRODUCTS.

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